• Luis Preto

My Desk Setup for 2019

...A tidy desk equals a tidy mind...

Through-out the years I have remained accustomed to the education given to me by my parents which is: 'everything goes back to where it belongs'. Although ever since moving to London back in 2014, it feels like that rule didn't apply as much as it should have.

As a photographer, I can report that we are essentially creatures of habit. We create little procedures for pre-production, production and then post. This is a great thing as it is the worst thing as well. Let's start with the good: by creating procedures on how and where to import files, edit them in a timely manner and then post them or whatever their end use is, we create an efficient machine in which we don't really have to think too much about.

Now for the not so great (I wondered on how to write this section for awhile as I didn't want to go into a full rant). I will write only about two things that have affected me the most: lazy editing and too much equipment. As I myself, also did the 'efficient machine', the cost in which comes to trying to be efficient with photography is that you lose massively out on opportunities. Great photos get overlooked, template editing doesn't respect the nature of the photo and ultimately, the photo will essentially lose soul and mean nothing to no-one.

Too much equipment... This is something that bothers me the most. As I write this post, I am currently of developing and curating a project that I called 'The Legacy Project' (might still change the name). When I decided to, for better or worse, fully become a photographer and do it this without stop (part-time at the moment), I wanted a website that I could rely on to be easy to update, very straight-forward and simple. I did not, however, want to lose touch with 'what came before' and the best answer I could think of is the aforementioned project. A compilation of some of my earlier work, re-edited for this purpose and to be there whenever I need to go back and reflect on how far I have come in terms of photography and as a human being.

So... how does the equipment come into it? Well... I am dreading a certain part of 'The Legacy Project' and that is, the fact that I stopped photography completely in 2015 until very late 2018. There are no photographs to represent this part of my life, no evolution, no change... nada. All that because it was too much. I was heavily into HDR photography due to the limitations that I disillusioned myself with my camera at the time (the Nikon D7000) and that required to bring (a rather very heavy) tripod amongst other things.

The ending to this post is (not because of laziness) keep things simple, not efficient. There is no efficiency to photography and as someone who used to work in very busy operations of a very large 5 star hotel, take it at face value. What I decided to do is follow a simple philosophical principal: Occam's razor - 'When all things are considered, the best solution is often the simplest solution'.

The reward for reading this post? A photo of the setup that I am using for 2019 until forever... (with a few tweaks I am sure until then).

Fun fact: It took over 3 hours to organise the cables behind!


Southfields, London

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