• Luis Preto

Hard at Work

Suffice it to say that for those that know me well would have easily seen this coming. The meticulous planner in me wants to have everything perfected and set before anything happens though the majority of people out there with some level of experience will say: 'can't plan for everything, you just have to do'.

My day job at the moment consists of working the graveyard shift at a five star property in which my scheduled is based on a 4 days on followed by 4 days at home. Yesterday was my first day at home after a relatively long week (and somewhat sick with a minor cold as well) and my daughter (now 9 months old) seized the opportunity regardless by spending the entire night glued to my side whilst we slept. My fiancé found this to be terribly cute to the point of taking photos as she never cuddles up to her when I am at work.

Enough is enough. I found a strange energy this morning of just creating services that I know I can easily provide with confidence and without disappointment. I will have to figure out the rest as I go along but I definitely do not want to spend more time than necessary on my 'day job' than I have to.

I am breaking the habit and will push the next few days to the maximum and actually move to get things done.

In addition to the winter, changes are coming!


Southfields, London

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