• Luis Preto

Fall Blues

Autumn has arrived and the cold frosty mornings as well! The warm and dry air has been replaced with a cold bite, sweat replaced with tears.

The colour palette is astounding with gradients of green to yellow to brown. Its Rachel's first autumn and she seems to be enjoying it thoroughly so far.

The advantage of the season is the time more spent at home as daylight ends sooner and this swiftly reduces the spirit of needing to be outside catching the sunset and blue hour 'till late. In turn, its important to take this advantage and utilise it to the best which for me has been constructing... everything!

There are many changes coming to my photography and family. Exciting but hard times for sure.

'Luis M Preto Photography', the website has been changed considerably based on feedback and functionality. A hybrid between being a business and presenting photographic solutions for both consumers and businesses as well as displaying my personal work and projects. This has been key.

Moving forward, the focus is very much on developing the services to be provided in terms of what will actually be provided with each offer and pricing. I am actually quite excited for this step but loathing the research process!

For the business & brand, I keep having more and more ideas, each one more exciting than the last.

It has been a long time since I felt liberated with having work that I absolutely love doing. I can't wait for this winter and 2020 - Rachel's first birthday!

Southfields, London

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