• Luis Preto

An Eye Towards the Future

Tracking time is somewhat of a difficult task, especially when it comes as realisations that months have gone by. Not that time went by without notice, it has gone by quite quickly though. During the last part of July and for the entirety of August, most of that time was spent helping friends and my partner. Then we took a break during September and went back to Portugal, the first time in two years and the first time for Rachel, my daughter.

It was wonderful. Saw family, treasured friends and reaffirmed some of my decisions this year that I believe are for the best of everyone. Now, back in London, there is more inspiration than before though there are too many ideas!

The future is better shared and for that reason, I write this post to try to elaborate on some of my plans for the immediate future though still avoiding saying too much.

The Website

The website surely has been worked on since the very beginning and for that matter, visually, it is a completely different build from the very first version. It was rebooted and maintained since that reboot. The plans now are working on an update that is slowly being integrated rather than a full package being delivered immediately when ready. This is to ensure that the website is still fresh and to test certain parts and get feedback than building everything behind the scenes. Also, the website is still very much at the beginning of what I wish it to become.


Small touches are being done to the homepage to make a easier to navigate the entirety of the website. Visually, there will be more updates in the future but from feedback, this was a must to be done now.


This page was actually rebuilt as the build before was not efficient in its presentation. Now, it will be able to present a multitude of albums and projects as there will be a lot of content to add in the future - Starting with 'Portugal MMXIX'.


One of the things you don't think of which is an absolute necessity. As a business, it is integral, at this stage, a great format to answer more informal questions which are not necessarily covered by your normal set of pages (such as 'About').

The Business

As much as I love updating the website and dreaming of new features to add, the business remains the biggest part of this venture. The focus is primarily on developing the business plan set, and this is the biggest priority because it will en-globe everything from legal to marketing, from pricing to procedures. Above the development of the website or editing of the photos, the business plan sits at the centre of everything which in retrospect, delays everything else!!


As big as dreams go! I would love to successfully develop a photography business for a platitude of photography styles and eventually branching to a fully fledged marketing/design agency providing solutions to a variety of problems including photography, design, videography, illustration and so much more!

Everything starts with a small step forward and though I wish to reach far and wide, I also am very much aware of enjoying the journey there!


Southfields, London

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