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This FAQ page was last updated on: 

20th of February 2020.

Please note that this 'Frequently Asked Questions' only covers a very limited and specific portion of the 'Terms & Conditions of Supply'. Please visit the following pages for a full comprehensive breakdown:



1. Where are you based?

I have lived and worked in London since 2014. Currently based in Southfields, SW18.


2. What kind of photography do you do?

Along the years, I have enjoyed practising multiple styles of photography. My absolute favourite are landscape and wildlife photography!


3. How far do you travel? And how?

Naturally, I can travel all around London and beyond! This is because I have my own personal vehicle. Depending on how far, this might be included in the cost.


4. Do you have your own studio?

Though I would love to have my own studio, I do not have one for the moment. There are plenty of studios available to rent in London however.


5. Are your photos edited?

Yes, all my photos are edited. To discover a little more about this, visit the 'Why Choose Me' page within this website.


6. How long have you been doing photography?

I have had my own camera and consequently been practising photography since 2007. To read a little more about this and why I do photography, visit the 'About' page within this website.


7. What kind of gear do you use?

I don't believe this question will ever have a final answer nor should it! As this is always ever-changing, visit the 'Gear' page within this website to see the latest list of gear that I am using.


8. How much each service cost?

Depending entirely on the type of photography and the size of the shoot, I highly recommend to visit the 'Bookings' page within this website as all services display the pricing.


9. I want to make a booking, what is the procedure?

To keep things nice and simple, these 5 steps demonstrate how easy it is:

  1. Use the form or email address provided in the 'Bookings' page and start a conversation.

  2. As we begin a conversation, we go through a few details such as locations, time of day (for lighting & weather purposes), possible dates depending on the agenda and others.

  3. Get set, ready, go! We meet on the day and have an absolute blast taking great photos!

  4. I put forward a 'contact sheet' with my suggestions of the ones that I really want to edit, I will select up to 30 and allow up to 10 changes. 
    We make our choices and I move forward with the editing!

  5. You receive the photos, in a high resolution, secure and online gallery via a private link supported by Pixieset, usually no later than 10 days after the shoot! 


10. How much in advance must we book?

As there are a few moving parts that need to be considered (not to mention the unpredictable weather), I ask for at least 2 full weeks in advance.


11. How many photos do I get in the end?

This will depend entirely on the service you are looking to book. I highly recommend to visit the 'Bookings' page as the information will be displayed there.


12. Where will the photoshoot take place?

Entirely up to you! I will travel anywhere within London and outwards will need to be discussed prior to agreement.

As of this FAQ being last updated, I am also working on a best of London spots to serve as a suggestion. 


13. Do you have an assistant?

Unfortunately, I do not have an assistance of the time being.


14. What if we want a second photographer?

At the moment, it is not a service that I can offer, however, I am more than happy to collaborate with anyone you decide to hire!


15. Do you offer prints and bespoke keepsake products produced from my photos?

At the moment, no. For prints of your photos, Pixieset does offer this service on their platform.

There are however, plans for the near future for this to be an option presented to you as well.


16. Do you offer any video services?

Not at the moment but this is something that I am very keen to do and have plans to develop in the future!


17. Do you provide any training?

I do not provide any official training as of yet but I am not shy if you want to meet and take some times to discuss technical aspects or creative aspects of photography!



18. How long does a photoshoot take?

This will depend entirely on the service that you are looking for! I highly recommend to check out the 'Bookings' page within this website as the information will be specified there.


19. How many photos do you take per shoot? Can I pick certain photos?

True to my style of photography, I focus on telling a story and capturing natural occurring moments. In total, there can be anywhere between 200 to a 1000 photos per shoot.

Depending on the service booked, out of the total number of photos to be delivered to you, up to 10 selections are allowed.


20. What happens if it rains on the day?

Not to worry! Most of the rainy days actually provide the best soft light for portraits! 

We can always decide to try to continue to take photos or rechedule for another time.



21. What if I don't like the photos?

In case that you don't, we will go through why and find a mutual compromise to ensure that you are happy with the final product.


22. I am worried about how the photos will look.

There should never be any reason to be! I will always provide a 'contact sheet' with my selections of the ones I would love to edit, in addition to the 10 choices from yourself. 

As all photos taken are in a RAW format, I can edit them as many times as required until we are both happy!


23. How long does it take until I receive the final edited photos?

During the "Pre-Shoot" stage, there will be a few documents that need to be reviewed and agreed on. One of these documents will establish the due date of the delivery of the photographs. 

I do however, usually deliver the final photos within 10 days after the photoshoot.


24. How will I receive the photos?

You will receive a private link sent to the provided email address that will open a password secured online gallery supplied by 'Pixieset'.


25. How can I download them?

The online gallery supplied by 'Pixieset' will provide an option to download the photos in the gallery.


26. How can I print them?

The online gallery supplied by 'Pixieset' will provide an option to print the photos in the gallery.



27. How do I pay for the photoshoot?

Upon the agreement of the documents supplied during the "Pre-Shoot" stage, an initial invoice will be sent via 'Square' for 25% of the price and a final invoice will be sent prior to the release of the final photos. 


28. What is the cancellation policy?

Upon the agreement of the documents supplied during the "Pre-Shoot" stage, the cancellation policy as stated in the 'Terms & Conditions of Supply' is:

  • Between 0 to 2 weeks: 100% of the booking fee;

  • Between 2 to 3 weeks: 75% of the booking fee;

  • Between 3 to 4 weeks: 50% of the booking fee;

  • Beyond 4 weeks: No charge and the return of the booking fee.


29. Who owns the copyright to the photos?

Unless specified and agreed to by 'Luis M Preto Photography', we always own the copyright to the photos. 

We supply a "License of Use" for you to personally (non-commercially) use the photos. For more information, please read 'Section 2' of the 'Terms & Conditions of Supply'.


30. How can I credit you when I share the photos?

I am honoured to be included in any part of how you share your photos!

On Facebook, simply tag: @luispretophotography

On Instagram, simply tag: @luismpreto


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