Photography has long been a fundamental part of who I am. 

I believe in using every means possible to make the images I shoot and edit as beautiful and perfect as I can. This extends from finding a setting or background that is exactly the right place in which to capture the subject, to the hours that will be spent later on choosing the best of them and editing these to make them exceptional.

An excellent photograph involves learning about and understanding what we are committing to immortality, and then doing so by looking through the right eyes, at the right time with the right focus - both literally and figuratively - before pressing the magic button. Sometimes, it is about the quicksilver ability to intuit, react and catch that tiny slice of time that would otherwise be lost to all but memory.

Photography can be about telling the story of a face, capturing the aesthetic of product or translating the exquisite transience of a landscape. It is a medium that brings me both joy and challenge.

Aesthetic | Quality | Focus | Vision

To interpret the miracle of vision - of what the remarkable eye sees - into something that is forever, 

I use very high-end gear to ensure that my work translates your expectations with the best possible results. 

To find out more about my current gear, simply follow this link

In all my dealings with clients - from initial discussions, to the shoot itself, through to the final selecting and editing, I am meticulous and assure you the highest levels of professionalism and courtesy. 



Storytelling is by far the most important component in photography - above things like technique, gear or time of day. A good story captures characters, locations and events in their essence in a process that is thought of and displayed. These essential components make for compelling photography and I aim to include this in every photo shoot I do.

To remain consistent, I only use 'Prime' lenses. Meaning, all the lenses are set automatically to a focal length, you are unable to change the 'zoom'. This means that the shoot will remain consistent to long shots, medium shots and close-ups.

My editing is also done with a specific colour tone in mind that is applied to the photos to ensure that there is a consistent look. If by any chance, a particular photo looks better in another editing style then the photo will be edited twice to respect the storytelling aspect as well as to maintain its own aesthetic.

It is very important to state that the shoot is always done with the edit in mind already.



A fundamental aspect of modern photography is to shoot in 'RAW'. This is a file format that is much bigger in size as it retains a greater amount of detail. This ensures that there is no information loss during the editing process and it also contains more information captured at the time in case the photo needs to be altered massively with normal adjustments.

I also shoot and edit in a different colour space to ensure that there is a higher dynamic range of colour being recorded in order to pull richer contrast and punch in the edit stage.

Below is a visual representation of what I have described, using real edits.



All projects and shoots are different. Not only due to variables like weather conditions, lighting conditions and location but due to different people with vastly different stories to tell. This is why I try to approach every shoot & project with a new set of ideas and only a slight presence of influence from past projects. 

I will set a time to develop a concept from the ideas that I have gathered from a client and incorporate some of my own. To this end, I use tools such as mood boards and photo treatments to explain a visual storyboard, to find the style of compositions and to also find a colour palette for the editing.

Ultimately, this is where my decade worth of experience as a hospitality professional, helps me to fine tune all the details and to find the wow factor that everyone wants to have from their photos.



Photography is a very personal medium and it very much represents the style of the photographer. It is ever evolving as are the tools that are upgraded every once in awhile too. With procedures in place to follow especially in terms of 'Learning & Development', I aim to keep my service current, reliable and trustworthy with the goal to never have a dissatisfied client.

This 'Quality Statement' is a testament to the level of quality I want to represent as a photographer, a brand, a father and as a professional.



Luis Preto, Owner & Director of 'Luis M Preto Photography'


Southfields, London

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