My earliest memory of a camera is playing with my father’s ‘Nikon F401S’ as just a toddler - and subsequently accidentally breaking it! Fast-forward a decade or two, and I took my first steps into this visual world in Australia - 2007.

An ambitious visionary at heart, I was born in Portugal but raised all over the world. Inspired and humbled by the many different cultures and traditions of the countries that my family explored, ultimately gave me the desire to capture these moments and places in time.

However, life led me down another path and I decided to pursue a different career: Hospitality. Although I’ve met hundreds of individuals and trained some of the best teams to five star standards, I have always been thinking about the adventures I had growing up in places like Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe (where I met my fiancé) and many others.

Now, in 2019, with the arrival of our daughter - I want to make sure she grows up to follow her dreams, just like me, and listening to all those stories yet to come.


Myself and Rachel in Sintra, Portugal - 2019


Southfields, London

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